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Internet Of Things Based System For Remote Monitoring Of Weather Parameters And Applications

With the development in microcontroller technology, internet accessibility, cloud computing and miniaturization of electronic components, it has now become possible to connect physical objects to the Internet making the World Wide Web an ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’. Smart environments created using Internet of Things can provide energy efficient solutions to day-to-day challenges. The paper has discussed the proof of concept for an IoT device that collects data regarding physical parameters, using a sophisticated microcontroller platform, from various types of sensors, through different modes of communication and then uploads the data to the Internet. The presented device has been designed for remote monitoring of weather parameters. The paper focusses on the technique of uploading acquired data online, so that the device can be used to remotely monitor weather parameters and eventually analyze climate change patterns. The paper also discusses the basic concept of Internet of Things and its potential applications, especially for environment monitoring. Keywords- Internet of Things, Remote Weather Monitoring, IoT Applications, Environment Monitoring, Arduino, Twitter, Sensors