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Integration Of Fuel Cell For Islanded Applications With Non Shoot Through Inverter

Fuel cells are considered to be one of the most promising sources of distributed energy because of their high efficiency, low environmental impact and scalability. Unfortunately, multiple complications exist in fuel cell operation. Fuel cells cannot accept current in the reverse direction, do not perform well with ripple current, have a low output voltage that varies with age and current, respond sluggishly to step changes in load and are limited in overload capabilities. For these reasons, power converters are often necessary to boost and regulate the voltage as a means to provide a stiff applicable DC power source. This paper focuses on three converters such as Voltage source inverter (VSI), VSI with boost converter and Z Source Inverter (ZSI) are analyzed for a low-cost, efficient, and reliable inverter for micro grids of fuel cell. For the purpose of comparison the converters are simulated for the same input Fuel cell voltage, switching frequency and modulation index. These simulation results have been developed for fuel cell based micro grid because of wide output voltage range of fuel cell. Key words-VSI, Fuel cell, Z – Source Inverter, Islanded, THD.