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Power Quality Improvement In An Inverter Controlled Three Phase Distributed Generation System

Due to the presence of non-linear loads such as switching mode power supplies and phase controlled rectifiers or alternating current converters for electronic converters used on utility side in a network consisting of 3-phase DG source, a nonsinusoidal voltage is absorbed at the point of common coupling (PCC). The situation gets aggravated during the islanding mode, when the grid power is not available. This deteriorates the performance of other loads connected in parallel. A scheme based on nonsinusoidal pulse-width-modulation (NSPWM) control of an inverter-based 3-phase DG source is implemented to regulate and produce a sinusoidal voltage at the PCC. It is demonstrated that THD of the supply voltage at the PCC can be reduced to the desired level. Keywords- Distributed generation (DG), Nonsinusoidal Pulse-width Modulation (NSPWM), Point of Common Coupling (PCC)