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Analysis And Testing Of Different Time Quantum For Round Robin Algorithm

One of the sufficient and necessary part of the computer resource is central processing unit, which is basics of multiprogramming. Many algorithms have been designed for achieving multiprogramming. But Round Robin algorithm is optimized multiprogramming algorithm , compared to other standards such as FCFS, SJF and Priority based algorithm. Generally we select that Multiprogramming algorithm which take minimum turnaround time and waiting time. Round Robin algorithm is a pre-emptive scheduling algorithm which switches between the processes when time quantum expires. The result of Round Robin algorithm vary according to time quantum. For example if time quantum chosen is big, then time interval between processes will be very high but if the time quantum is small, it will enhance the overhead of central processing unit. So selection of time quantum is very important in round robin algorithm. In this paper firstly i have analyzed several different type of time quantum and after analyzing them i have designed an example for testing of turnaround and waiting time of process with different time quantum. Then we have shown that which time quantum is better for which situation. This paper provides an excellent way of selection of time quantum according to the environment Keywords— Round Robin Scheduling, Burst Time, Turnaround Time, Waiting Time, Time Quantum.