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Universal Product Comparison System Using Restful Services

With respect to current days hectic scenario basically a consumer is looking for price differential value available as an option on different e-commerce website with minimum efforts, here we are with the remedial solution with the software named as Universal Product Comparison System .This will not only provide specific comparison between price in unbiased way but also save precious time which can be utilize in more productive way. If consumer doesn't have savvy of different seller still on this platform consumer will get valuable information for those seller who can provide them best possible deals in market at that specific point of time .In this paper we propose and explain development of Universal Product Comparison System which provides integration of N no. of E-commerce websites using RESTful Services. We conclude with this paper, system has very simple way that is easily understood and approached by non IT savvy user's and we are quite confident that in future we can further develop and make it more user friendly. Keywords— RESTful service, REST API, JSON,, XML, Integration.