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Eafa-Emergency Act For Fall Accidents Of Elderly And Differently Abled Persons Using Android Application

Falls are one of the most critical problems for the elderly and differently abled persons. We have proposed a system that monitors a Fall detection using smart sensors. Our system uses two accelerometers to analyze the fall event and activity recognition of a person. The Blood Pressure and Temperature sensors connected to the microcontroller are used to measure the BP and temperature level. When the fall occurs the person’s position is immediately acquired by the global positioning system (GPS). We use a wireless transceiver that transmits the information to the rescue center and the GSM to intimate the relative. The information is displayed in the android phone in an image format to get a clear view of the happenings. We have provided an extra feature to check the current status of the person. Keywords— Fall detection, Smart sensors, BP Sensor, temperature sensor, Global positioning system, wireless transceiver, Global System for Mobile communication.