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Integrating Security Into Dynamic System Development Method

Agile methodologies such as Dynamic System Development Method (DSDM), have emerged to overcome some of the problems associated with traditional software development models. In this research, we discuss how security can be deployed in DSDM phases by creating a new model which serve as enhanced DSDM . Based on this research we introduced some additional phases to the vulnerable Existing DSDM to formed a secure DSDM. The main aim of this research is to fill in the gap by integrating security into DSDM phases and activities in a systematic way while preserving its agility. This research presents the findings with a focus on the agile symposium case study and group of students in security class. Our findings highlight an improved agility in DSDM after integration of security. However, secure software can be quickly developed, even in situations involving requirement changes of software. Thus, Conclusively we can say that when security is integrated in DSDM, it is possible to develop secure software using DSDM model without affecting its agility negatively. Key words- Agile Methodology, Software Security, Dynamic System Development Method