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Server Cluster With Real Time Load Balancing

This paper presents a detailed description of the Server Cluster with Real Time Load Balancing. It explains the purpose and features of the system, the interfaces of the system, what the system will do, the constraints under which must operate and how the system will react to external stimuli. This system is designed to allow a programmer to manage and integrate a cluster of load balancers and worker nodes to cater the web requests over a distributed network. The Server Cluster with Real Time Load Balancing is stand alone software. It is completely customizable and is intended for meeting the requirements of programmers. The code will be open source allowing programmer to use it and embed his/her code in the software to make completely customizable server with functionalities. Any application or web server code can be embedded in a very efficient manner with pre-provided load balancing facility. The software will facilitate communication between worker nodes, load balancers, and the programmer via message passing. Preformatted reply forms are used in every stage of the client requests’ progress through the system to provide uniformity. Index Terms— Component, Main process, Receiver thread, Sender thread.