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Handling Deduplicate Data At Client Side In Public Cloud Storage Envirnment

Now a day cloud computing is very popular and it is spread tremendously all over the world. Due to increasing large amount personal data in the cloud environment there are some issue for handling the bulk data in public cloud space. Data de-duplication is important technique for data compression which is used to eliminate the duplicate data in the cloud environment. In cloud environment client sent the data to public cloud at the same time client doesn’t known the data, which is already repeated. Hence apply the data de-duplication technique at client side for reduce the redundancy in there data. Deduplication at Client side technique is used to identify duplicate data already at the client and save the bandwidth of data and uploading selected files to the server. Convergent encryption is another technique which is used to better protect the security of data at client side. This technique is used to encrypt the data before outsource to the data storage server and it should be authorized When a user uploads a file on the cloud, the file is split into a number of blocks. Each block of file which is encrypted using convergent key and subsequently token will be generated using token generation algorithm. After encrypting data using convergent key then cipher text is form, these cipher text send to cloud before user retain a key. The deterministic nature of encryption, when the identical data will be uploaded with same convergent key and same cipher text then deduplication scheme prevent the duplicate data. After comparing the data base if match is found then only metadata of block store in Database profiler. Index Terms– Cloud Security, De-duplication, Proof of Ownership, Cloud storage, authorized duplicate check, Convergent Encryption.