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A Survey On Internet Of Vehicles

Vehicles are not just becoming Wi-Fi hotspots but much more complex than that. Mention the Internet of cars and people would think of the self-driving vehicle because this field has a lot of scope and there is lot to do in this field. Some companies like Tesla and Cadillac are close to making new innovations about Internet of cars. The main aim is to develop a connected vehicle by which the life of the people would become much simpler. The Internet of cars will have a significant and long lasting implication on the automotive environment containing lot of risk and competition [6]. This topic would be covering the topics like latest modern updates, growth in research and development, Tesla S, Tesla Z, and also many topics related to data storage, data connectivity. This study is made to measure what the world is like when we have more than 30 million objects are connected via a single system and having a large data warehouse. In the next few years we would be able to give orders to the car and we can direct it to do any work just like a human computer. Nowadays people are totally dependent on the Internet but in the near future there will be different things made which will have direct access with the satellite and will be a source of information. The Internet of cars will soon be a part of Internet of things by which it becomes practically and socially famous and will evolve in a greater way [2]. Tesla has just given a start to the internet of cars, there is a lot to do to make these cars safe and trustworthy like the person next to you. Doing this is very hard but research is still on its way and in few years this will be achieved. Index Terms— Autopilot, Connected car, ICE, Vehicular communication.