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Data Leak Identification And Safe Search Over Encrypted Data In Cloud Storage Services

As we know that cloud computing is used in big IT organization as well as IT enterprises which provide convenient, direct, indirect remote access to data storage and application services that allow users to store their private and sensitive data. In cloud computing many organization notice as well as report that important and sensitive data have been leak repeatedly in recent years in which human mistake is one of the most important reason of data loss. Hence in this paper we represent data leak identification solution to solve this problem and we identify the system requirements and challenges towards achieving privacy assured searchable outsourced cloud data services. This paper present a general methodology for this, using searchable encryption techniques, which allows encrypted data to be searched by users without leaking information about the data itself and users queries. The resulting design is able to facilitate efficient server side ranking without losing keyword privacy. Index Terms— Cloud Storage, Data Owner, Data User, Data leak, Network Security, Privacy, Collection Intersection.