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LINQ Technology Usage With SQL, XML And Objects

LINQ which is the abbreviation of “Language Integrated Query” substantially provides the convenience to reach data from application side. Programmers can easily process database systems, xml documents and programming objects by using LINQ technology component. They can access programming object collections like datasets, arrays, lists by using LINQ to Objects component, database data by making SQL queries over tables as if they use database management systems thanks to LINQ to SQL component and xml tag values by querying over xml elements with LINQ to XML component. In this study, it is aimed to share the experience of LINQ technology usage in an education platform named as Graduation Project Management. This paper mainly focuses on specification of LINQ components utilization and main advantages of using LINQ to SQL in Graduation Project Management. It also brings differences between LINQ to SQL and Ado.Net to the fore and discusses why any future technology will be successful if it includes the main advantages of LINQ technology. Index Terms—, LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Objects, LINQ to XML.