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Patient Personal Health Record System Using Attribute Based Access Control Technique

patient personal health record (PPHR) is a new patient oriented model for health information storage and sharing. The patient personal health record is outsourced to cloud server but there are some risks related to the security of PPHR because the third party cloud server is not secure. To secure PPHR we can scramble the data before deploying it to cloud server. Cloud computing serving efficiency and scalability in terms of storage and computing. Thus the users too much worried about the data and same type of authorities can access same kind of data with same access rights but what is most required is that you should provide user privileges for data security and access control. In our work we have studied different-different types of access control mechanisms and security techniques. Our proposed work addresses the problem using the patient personal health record system. There are three different kinds of users in our system doctors, researchers and patient. For access control attribute based access control technique (ABAC) is provided. Through the ABAC technique we provided cryptographic security and access control. For designing the proposed ABAC model we have used two algorithms one is tiger algorithm for hash key generation and second is blowfish algorithm for cryptography. The proposed model is implemented is java technology. In additionally for the evaluation of our work we have compared the work with sha1 and DES based exiting model. After comparison we found that our model is efficient from the exiting model in respect of time. Index Terms— PPHR, access control, security, cryptography, ABAC model