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Formative Assessment For Performance Evaluation of Faculty Using Data Mining

Present era of technology has led the storage of huge amount of raw data, which contain useful information and is undiscovered. Data mining and machine learning techniques have helped to discover the useful knowledge by analyzing the stored data. Some decades ago there were just a handful of universities across the globe that could provide for specialized educational courses. Today Universities are generating not only graduates but also massive amounts of data from their systems. So the question that arises is how can a higher educational institution harness the power of this didactic data for its strategic use? This review paper will serve to answer this question. To build an information system that can learn from the data is a difficult task but it has been achieved successfully by using various data mining approaches like clustering, classification, prediction algorithms etc. This study can help to the learner and teaching community to increase its performance and valuability. Classification techniques are used to predefine the classification of data. These techniques can also be used with many other specific discovery techniques or algorithms. This paper describe the various approaches and techniques of data mining which can be applied on Educational data to build up a new environment to improve performance of existing data and help to create the new predictions on the data. Index Terms— Educational Institute, Formative Assessment, Performance Evaluation.