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Fractal Video Coding Technique a Hybrid Approach Using Parallel Computing

Picture speaks more than words but picture needs more space to get stored. For last almost three decades lot of research has been going in video compression. The term Fractal video coding is a technique which provides many advantages such as fast decoding as well as resolution independence also good compression ratio, but the encoding time is very high hence the technique is lagging behind. So, To minimize the encoding time, there is a need of new technique which is proven to be better with respect to time. The proposed system combines fractal encoding with Discrete Wavelet Transform to reduce the time taken for the encoding. The proposed hybrid algorithm which is going to be executed in parallel, hence it will again reduced the encoding time and also gives good increase in speed up when compared with the previous original algorithm which is sequential in nature. As we have just focus on to the encoding time factor so this hybrid technique will definitely degrade the quality of the video but the encoding time will be very much less. Keywords— Discrete Wavelet Transform , Parallel Computing, video coding techniques, Hybrid video coding, Fractal Video Coding.