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Strategic Use of Information Systems in E-Management

The face of business activities has changed significantly over the recent years with new and more effective methods of production being utilized to boost the profitability of the businesses. However, information management systems has been approved as one of the most successful ways of managing business activities and ensuring that they create competitive advantage over the other competitors in the market. On that regard, strategic utilization of information systems in business management is instrumental in foreseeing the success of commercial activities. Thus, the core purpose of this paper is to provide a discussion platform for addressing the various aspects of strategic use of information to ensure that business activities that are conducted through networks and the internet are substantially successful. It should be noted that strategic use of information systems is typically how to define, manage, organize, and provide ways of extracting and modifying incoming data by different users in business activities. The aim of this paper is to present the role and strategic use of information systems in e-management; elements and related issues. Keywords— Information Systems, E-Management, Database Management System DBMS.