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A Study on Factors Influencing the Acceptance of Cookie-Based Online Customized Advertising

Cookie Based Customized Advertising is focused on consumer’s online activities thus provides targeted advertisements based on consumer’s interests or desire. Therefore, such type of advertisement has been proven to be useful, not only to businesses corporates, but also to the consumers. Nevertheless, because cookie based customized advertising is processed through collecting and analyzing consumer’s online activities, it has high potential in invading one’s free will and online privacy. In this context, this research aims to resolve problems related to the conflicting aspects of the advertisement by increasing the benefits of cookie based customized advertisement while decreasing the consumer’s perceived risk on information gathering for customized advertising. Data were collected from almost 190 Internet users and the analysis result shows that the perceived risk on privacy threats can have an independent influence on consumers’ acceptance of customized advertisement. Excessive information gathering for commercial purposes and limited controllability within personal information aroused adverse reactions. The result indicates that securing consumer’s perceived controllability will reduce the adverse reaction towards cookie based customized advertising, and therefore increase the utilization of customized advertising. Keywords- Online customized advertising, Behavioral targeting, Perceived controllability, the right to information self determination