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Web Based Inward-Outward Registration Management System (WIORMS): Through Project Based Learning (PBL) Pedagogy

Organizations and employees officially communicate to exchange information by sending and receiving related information regarding regulations, announcements, events and all that through letters most often in hard copy form and are called as Inward letters and Outward letters. These letters are recorded manually into a register book and provided with an identification for future reference. The processing of an Inward letters of an organization involves manual entry of details of the letter into the register, identifying the concerned department, taking remarks of the concerned authority, forwarding the Inward letter to concerned department or person and maintaining the receipt, which is done manually and is also similar for processing the Outward letters. The process of Inward and Outward letters at Rajarambapu Institute of Technology (RIT) till date is manual, involves supporting staff, requires stationary, time consuming, delay in the communication and reach out to intended recipients, difficult to track, analyze and requires maintaining backup of the registers. The time, cost and man hours required in processing the Inward-Outward letters must be reduced and the information maintained must be easily accessible for analysis. To address the problems of manually processing of Inward-Outward letters to its best, a solution is proposed by developing a Web application that will ease the process and provide additional functionalities to effectively communicate, maintain and track the process. The developed application automated the entire process by drastically reducing the time required to pass the information to the intended recipient, eased the process of tracking the letter, created a centralized database, achieved zero percent involvement of supporting staff, eliminated the paper work and also provided utilities like downloading daily reports and monitoring status of letters. The Web application provided both tangible and intangible benefits and can be used by any organizations to improve their Inward-Outward process. The system is designed and developed using the Project Based Learning pedagogy during the vacation period by actively exploring the Inward-Outward Register Book problem. The Web application will be enhanced in future by providing exchange of letters between organizations, redundancy of data, email and SMS notifications and apps for mobiles and explore the cloud platforms. Keywords— Automate, Inward-Outward, letters, recipients, Web Application, Project Based Learning, Cloud.