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Speech Recognition Techniques on Mobile Devices:- Analysis of Various Approaches

Speech is the most common and convenient way to communication. Speech is also faster than typing on a keypad and more expressive than clicking on a menu item. For these reason Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is become very important and popular in today’s world. Speech recognition is the process of converting spoken words into text. After years of research and development the accuracy of automatic speech recognition remains one of the important research challenges (e.g. variations of the context, speakers, and environment).The design of speech recognition system requires careful attentions to different issues such as: Definition of various types of speech classes, speech representation, feature extraction techniques, speech classifiers, performance evaluation and database. One of the major problems faced in speech recognition is that the spoken word can be vastly altered by accents, dialects and mannerisms. This paper presents review of Automatic Speech Recognition techniques with Artificial Intelligence related to mobile platform. Keywords- Automatic Speech Recognition, Speech recognition Techniques, Feature Extraction, Artificial Intelligence.