Paper Title
Mechanized Devops

The paper here confers the utility of E-Commerce, a coliseum for ample of online business activities, rightly called as electronic commerce. The paper focuses on Application of agile methodology through dEVOPS in e-commerce. The research depicts the need of agile methodology inculcating DEVOPS as preprocessed agile in devops - “MECHANIZED DEVOPS”. It’s beneficiaries on inculcating for retailer and consumer to earn wings on marketing objective. MECHANIZED DEVOPS is a corpus technology to the upcoming generations of Ecommerce which regulates revenue and time to market as key objectives .Thus, paper throughout presents that agile methodology implementation through “PREPROCESSD AGILE IN DEVOPS” model in E-commerce will personate as a precursor in the near future realm because- ECommerce journey is never over. Hence paper visualizes optimizing the process and increasing the productivity. Index Terms – Mechanized Devops,