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Big Data Management and Archiving

Data now a days represent an essential component in many aspects of life, like economy, business, industry, education, medicine, etc. Big data (BD) in turn is a new term used to identify datasets that featured with massive data size such that the normal database software tools cannot occupy and analyze. This kind of data would for sure hold a massive amount of hidden knowledge that need to be extracted, managed, and analyzed. So big data needs a management and archiving model that facilitate its usage in reliable, and consistent way. Managing and archiving this massive amount of data will assist retrieving targeted information in suitable time leading to valued analysis process which will recall in better firm performances. This paper tackles different aspects of Big Data focusing on the challenges on its management and archiving, and the underlying process in these two operations. We will discuss the general model of identification that will promote the management and archiving operations of this scalable amount of data. Keywords- Big Data, Archive, information management.