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Digital Library Using Hybrid Book Recommendation Engine

As the number of documents in digital library is increasing, storage and management of large amount of documents and to find requested documents by user is becoming a challenge. A Web based Digital Library with Hybrid Book Recommendation System was designed for this purpose. Using this Digital library, user will be able to read e-books after being approved by the administrator. It will also consist of a Hybrid Book Recommendation System to provide relevant suggestions to the users. The recommendations could be based on various parameters, such as user characteristics such as demographic information; and past searching and issuing behaviorss of the customers. Thus, we have proposed a web application for digital library with a hybrid book recommendation system which satisfies a user by providing best and efficient e-book recommendations. Keywords- Collaborative filtering, Content based filtering, Hybrid recommender, LSH technique, Recommender System, Relevant search, Slope One technique, Time efficient.