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Algorithm Determining Item Difficulty Analysis in Computer Based Test (CBT)

This research examines algorithm designing to determine item difficulty automatically of each answer denoted by examinee in Computer Based Test. As a quality can be identified reviewed from how many times the items could be answered correctly by the students based on the number of the answered items. Some researchers performed some application about item analysis but still need more energy to input all the data manually. The research uses qualitative research with educational quantitative analysis test item analysis theory approach in CBT. It also required experiment to see the result of how algorithm working to solve the problem. The result shows that (1) the design of algorithm could be use to analyze test result as well as the test difficulty. (2) The strength of the system are working fast, instant result, as a basic consideration to have good item quality and fair item distributions. The weakness of the algorithm design: it has not meet examinee character and need good socialization to make educator understand how to compose and operate CBT Keywords: Algorithm design, Item difficulty, CBT.