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Establishment of Educational Network among the Undergraduate with Mobile Application

It is easier and faster for students to learn from knowledgeable students. The speed of information age and evolving educational technology have changed the way of teaching and the level of knowledge acquired during teaching.In this study, we present establishment of educational network among the undergraduate with mobile application. Students will be trained on the mobile application using smart devices which are present in almost every university student today. For this training, firstly the teams will be established and the target group will be reached for the education given by the knowledgeable student.With the mobile application to be prepared, students will be able to enroll in courses that are opened, will be notified about the lessons from the instructors and will be able to access the necessary source documents easily. The application will also be a website at the same time and all the operations performed in the application will also be available on the website. Index Terms—engineering, mobile application,ruby, web based education.