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Business Process Reengineering and Master Data Management Alignment Framework

To facilitate the collaboration between business and IT, leading companies are turning to a business process management approach. Because business process management supports companies focus on creating well-defined business processes, it’s frequently being used to help them simplify the increasing complexity of their businesses and coordinate the work of the employees and partners. In the case of Master Data Management, business and IT can use business process management to tackle master data problems, define and manage master data governance in the Context of the business processes that produce and use such data, and put Master Data Management back into the hands of the business. This paper proposes a framework that incorporates Master Data Management with the Process Reengineering lifecycle. It enables the business to govern the Master Data that get generated whenever the process reengineering lifecycle occur. The proposed framework aims to enhance master data governance for today’s digital data environment. . The ability to successfully implement these joint patterns requires some level of cross-training and a new perspective. Index Terms— Master Data Management, Business Process Management, Process Reengineering lifecycle.