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A Survey on Developments in TELE-ECG System

Biomedicine applies biological and other natural-science principles to clinical practice. The biomedical area that directed the interest of engineers is that of electrocardiography (ECG).It is the most widely used, non-invasive medical diagnostic test. Major challenge is to boost performance by increasing the number of concurrently recorded signals, raising the signals to noise ratio .The increase in data acquisition rate also provides new challenges in the design of recording systems including the application of methods of data compression. ECG has substantial diagnostic significance, and applications of ECG monitoring are diversely used. Also telemedicine is widely considered to be part of the inevitable future of the modern practice of medicine. It is gaining more and more momentum as a new approach for patient’s surveillance outside of hospitals (at home). Nowadays people are more aware of the health conditions. Homecare is the provision of health care services to patients in their own home. One of the main purposes of homecare telemedicine is to develop a wireless, lowcost and use-friendly system. Keywords- Electrocardiogram (ECG), Telemedicine, Tele-ECG, ARM Cortex- M4