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IOT Based Multifunctional Robot Using Raspberry-PI

our population is aging swiftly. By 2020, more than 700 million people around the world will be over the age of 65. And many in this population will live with chronic diseases, requiring care and assistance in their lives to perform daily tasks. At the same time, machines that surpass humans’ ability to perform daily tasks. In this paper a robot using Raspberry Pi 2 model B is proposed to perform some of the daily tasks like face detection with live streaming for home security, voice recognition and pdf reading like a story, newspaper, article, recording and detection of events etc. The robot can be controlled in two ways, one is remote control which gets connected to robot through Bluetooth dongle which gives a decent range of 10 meters of operation and the second way is WebIOPi. WebIOPi is a web based remote interface which can control robot through internet making this robot IoT (Internet of Things). The range of WebIOPi is more impressive as compared to Bluetooth dongle as it can be extended till the robot and controlling device are connected in same network. Keywords - Raspberry Pi, RC robot, face detection, voice recognition, pdf reading, IoT, home automation