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Big Data Analyzed Marketing Strategies For Sri Lankan Small and Medium Enterprises

With the expansion of globalization, national economic development has become more important since it is a decisive development dimension of a country. In there, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) plays an important role in job creation, entrepreneurship and income generation of developing countries. The main objective of this study is to determine the marketing challenges faced by Sri Lankan SMEs and the influence of big data analysis to overcome those challenges. Among all the challenges, implementing the business-oriented marketing systems is the most difficult challenge faced by SME. Thus the necessity of data analysis arises where it can rely on better marketing results through the better understanding of the potential customers’ current needs and wants. Furthermore, based on the analyzed data an ideal customer profile can be developed corresponding to the relevant business field, which reveals the buying behavior pattern, buying criteria and buying motivation of the targeted customers. Using big data analyzing strategies SMEs can access publicly available census data for marketing insights. Based on data analysis SMEs can synthesize their fragmented customer data sources across their e-commerce platforms, point-of-sale systems, social accounts and mobile applications with advanced consumer management technologies. Moreover, they can get the overall idea about the competitors and their offers which they use in order to captivate the customers. SMEs can also alter their workflows and response patterns based on the data they are receiving, and analysis of the overall marketing output and match sales representatives to ideal customers. Since Sri Lankan SME’s are having the lack of knowledge in marketing and difficulties in payout on marketing as well as recruiting experts, mentioned big data analyzed marketing strategies will lead to improving the SMEs business with ease. Keywords- Sri Lankan SME,Big data analyzed marketing strategies, Business-oriented marketing systems