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Security Issues And Their Countermeasures In The ERP World

Nowadays, companies who want to make their business technically cutting-edge drifts their business from standard form to computerized way. ERP is the most appropriate preference for them. ERP is unified, programmed application software which helps the organization to maintain complicated business transaction at one place. ERP currently is undergoing the alteration that will make it more cooperative, web-enabled and even wireless. As the ERP system comes with heaps of benefits, the tool also comes with many shortcomings like money, time, human resources, etc. The ERP system is leading to a system with high susceptibility and safety of the data which flows in the system also makes a vigorous importance in the organization. Many ERP vendors have already unified their security solution, which may work well internally, while in vulnerable environs we need new technical methodologies to secure an ERP system. Keywords - Authorization, Audit logs, CRM, Continuous transaction as well as Incident monitoring, ERP Security, NAT, Security issues, Vulnerabilities .