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A Survey on an Intelligent Agent for the Web Page Personalization and Link Prediction

Web page prediction is a technique of web usage mining used to predict consecutive set of sites that a user could visit based on the information of previously visited site. The World Wide Web (WWW) may be a common and interactive medium for publishing the knowledge. Whereas browsing the web, users are visiting several unwanted pages rather than targeted page. The web usage mining techniques are used to solve that drawback by analyzing the web usage patterns for a web site. Clustering is a data mining technique used to determine similar access patterns. If mining is done on those patterns, recommendation accuracy is going to be improved instead of mining dissimilar access patterns. The discovered patterns are often used for better web page access prediction. Here, two totally different clustering techniques, namely FLAME clustering and Hybrid algorithms has been investigated to predict the webpage that will be accessed in the future based on the previous action of browsers behaviour. Keywords - Cluster supporting object, FLAME clustering, local approximation.