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A Novel Approach for Online Voting System using Visual Cryptography and Face Detection

In traditional voting system there was voter need to go to the voting booth and cast their votes. People from various places who don’t possess voting cards cannot cast their votes. Also identification of the voters was poor and not accurate. There was a bunch of paper work in the traditional voting system which was very time consuming process. Therefore, there is need of the new system which will reduce the efforts needed in the traditional voting process provide the high security as well. In this paper, we compared all the existing systems for E-Voting system, have discussed the methods used in each of the mechanism and the drawback of the same. To overcome the drawbacks in the existing systems, we have proposed one advanced mechanism which will use the joint approach of Face Detection and visual cryptography, to provide more suitable online voting system, through which the voting system will be more efficient, user friendly and will have higher security. Keywords - Online voting, visual cryptography, face detection.