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Removing Auditor for Verification of Users Data using Deniable ABE

Users can added various files in the form of text, image, audio, video etc. through the program by using encryption algorithm so that it can be stored on cloud. Thus we can secure data on a cloud. Due to this efficiency is increase and data will be secure on the cloud. Recently, some research considers the problem of secure and efficient public data integrity auditing for shared dynamic data. But this scheme is not secure against collusion of cloud storage server. An efficient public integrity auditing with a secured group user revocation based on vector commitment and group user revocation. A distributed key generation algorithm is used to generate authenticated user passwords across multiple servers and eliminate single point failures. This scheme supports the public checking and efficient user revocation and also provides confidentiality, efficiency and traceability of secure group user revocation. A homomorphic encryption algorithm is also used forcreating unique id for the users. In this system, we purpose a novel public verify technique for the integrity of shared data with efficient user revocation in a mind. By applicability idea of proxy re-signatures. It grant the cloud to re-sign blocks on favor of existing users during the revocation, so that existing users do not need to download and re-sign blocks by themselves. In a public verify , it always able to audit the integrity of shared data without the fetching of whole data from the cloud, even if some part of shared data has been re-sign by cloud. This mechanism is able to support batch auditing by verifying multiple auditing task simultaneously. Experimental results shows that our mechanism can significantly improve the efficiency of user revocation. Keywords - Cloud Computing, User Revocation, Public Integrity Auditing, Encryption.