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A Secure Scheme for Identifying and Verifying Origin Forgery in Wan Networks

In this paper, we describe our early implementation and testing of an in-packet Bloom filters forwarding node that implements cryptographically computed link identifiers. We have tested two different cryptographic techniques for the linkidentity computation and thereby for making the forwarding decision. In-packet Bloom filters allow only one to forward source-routed packets with minimal forwarding tables. The Bloom filter encoding the identities of the links the packet need to be forwarded over. As sensor networks are being increasingly deployed in the decision-making infrastructures such as battlefield monitoring systems, SCADA making decision makers aware of the trustworthiness of the collected data is a crucial.In short paper describes how to preserve integrity and confidentiality of a directed acyclic graph model of provenance database. Keywords- Sensor network, Security, Provenance, Bloom, Filtering