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Graphical Analysis of Performance of Magnetic Disc Feeder

With the growing industrial conscience for high production rate and maintaining market competitiveness automation has become an indispensable tool. For the efficient running of complex industrial systems with minimal human involvement automation is essential. It not only saves labour cost and time but also strives for a better quality and precision of product and processes. The objective of our research is to design, fabricate and optimise a magnetic disc feeder for feeding industrial components like headed fasteners. After conducting numerous trial experiments it was found that the output response that is feed rate was dependent on certain parameters like part population of the fasteners, speed of the disc and the number of magnets on the disc. A series of experimentation was done wherein parameter of interest was changed and feed rate was recorded. The results were analysed graphically and the direct and interaction effects of the parameters were discussed. Index Terms - automation, design of experiments, graphical analysis, feed rate, magnetic feeder, headed fasteners.