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PLAGIO Detection within Distributed Storage System

Data deduplication is the most important Data abbreviate techniques used for to removing the duplicate copies of repeating data and it is mostly used in the cloud storage purpose of reduce the storage space and save the bandwidth. To keep the intimate of hypersensitive data while supporting the deduplication, to encrypt the data before outsourcing convergent encoded technique has been proposed. To better protect the data security, this project makes the first attempt to formally address the problem of authorized redundant of data. Different from the traditional deduplication system, differential advantages of the user are further considered the duplicate check besides the data itself. The hybrid cloud architecture contains many new deduplication constructions supporting authorized duplicate check. The proposed security models contain the demonstration of security analysis system. As a proof of concept, contains the implementation framework of proposed authorized duplicate check scheme and handling test bed experiments using these prototypes. In proposed system contain authorized duplicate check scheme obtain minimal overhead compared to normal operations. Index terms - Deduplication, authorized duplicate check, confidentiality, hybrid cloud, Proof of ownerships