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Advanced Human-Smartphone Interface for The Blind Using Morse Code

With rapid development of information technology, android mobiles are presently utilized in a number of different fields. In this regard, application of programming and mobiles mainly in training, guidelines, learning, teaching, as well as computer oriented instructions have become a major trend. Be that as it may, numerous applications are intended for the normal and healthy people, however they are difficult to reach to individuals living with certain disability unless and until additional versatile devices and interfaces are designed for them to utilize. In this regard, multiple trials have been carried on the blind people for giving them an easy and convenient method for correspondence. There are numerous applications for both hearing and visually impaired individuals which will help them for communicating in their everyday life however, these applications are not perfect and are posed with certain limitations. Hence, the present paper proposes android application based on Morse code giving tactile contribution to the visually impaired people. The fundamental aim of our android application is to give adaptable and convenient approach to messaging calling, as well as navigation. In addition, the major feature of our application is to make the Blind individual more self-subordinate and independent. Since android OS is well known and most generally utilized for the cell phones, it will add more adaptability to our proposed project. Keywords - Information technology, android, programming, applications, Morse Code.