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Issues and Parameters for Improving Qos and Performance in SDN

Software Defined Networks(SDN) is the latest emerging technology in enterprise & carrier grade networking. SDN provides a promising approach to build and operate high-performance networks with high efficiency and affordable cost. While improving and implementing new technologies we are faced with new challenges regarding in implementations. The major two issues with SDN are improving the QoS and security. QoS improvement challenge comprises around 29% of all the challenges and issues. Though there are some technologies which guarantee the performance of a SDN, there are no fixed or permanent solutions. Therefore, to find promising solutions for QoS improvement and management in SDN, first we must study the QoS issues and parameters responsible in details. SDN technology is still in its initial stages and not much is available in terms of Prior art. This literature survey gives an overview of working of SDN, Traffic Engineering, QoS and management in SDN. Keywords- Software Defined Networking(SDN), Traffic Engineering, Quality of Service(QoS).