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Fault Detection Technique for Test Cases in Software Engineering

The processing of software and performing various operations on it is known as a software engineering process. The application of test cases for detecting the faults within the software is done through the testing process. There are various types of faults that occur within a software or test case which are to be identified and preventive approaches are to be applied to prevent them. In this paper, the Learn-torank algorithm is utilized which helps in detecting the faults from the software. The Back Propagation technique is included with the LRA approach for enhancing its performance and improving the detection of fault rate. 10 test cases of different types are used for running various experiments and the MATLAB tool is utilized for performing various simulations. It is seen through the various simulation results that the fault detection rate is increased as well as the execution time is minimized with the help of this approach. Keywords - Faults, Test Cases, Neural Networks, Back Propagation, Learn-To-Rank