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An Efficient Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol based on Geometric Approach

This paper proposed an efficient strong password authenticated key agreement protocol based on the straight-line property of geometry. The proposed scheme does not perform public key cryptographic functions while most of the previous strong password authenticated key agreement schemes based on them. All of the operations used in the proposed scheme are more efficient than the modular exponentiation which is the kernel operation of the public key cryptographic functions. The proposed scheme is more efficient than the previous research results. It withstands the unknown key share attack and password guessing attack, although clients select weak password. It provides forward secrecy, known-key security and robust characteristic. The proposed scheme is categorized to be a bilateral commitment mode which is defined in IEEE P1363.2 / D13. It is secure. The proposed scheme provides best solution with results of efficiency, security and functionalities. Keywords - Strong Password Authentication, Key Agreement,Secure Communications