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Types of Advanced Data Visualisation: Structure and Purpose

Data visualisation is graphical edition in order to reveal important points of data with intensive content and to present them as easily perceivable. In the analysis of scientific researches, statistical findings and results of market research, to provide the discovery of data structure is one of the purposes of data visualisation. Another purpose of it is to make communication easier by using results of selection which is targeted to be easily understood by audience in such fields as developments as to agenda. Data visualisation is common product of the fields of statistics, information technologies, broadcasting and visual communication design. This research uses the method of literature compilation with the aim of representing factors in the choice of data visualisation methods. In the direction of development of technology and change of communication forms, it is foreseen that applications of visualisations will change and the research will form a basis for new studies in that sense. Keywords: Data visualisation; chart; diagram; thematic map; infographic

Author - Gullu Yakar

Published : Volume-4,Issue-11  ( Nov, 2017 )


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| Published on 2018-01-24
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