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Modernized Assistive Technology to Expedite Judicial Procedure using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Techniques

The Indian Judiciary stacks a pile-up of more than 30 million cases, some in backlog for more than 10 years. Prominent cases such as the 1984 Sikh riots still await a final decision with many of the accused and those seeking justice having died in the 32-year long wait. This paper aims to present an application that would assist the jury and expedite the process of delivering a judgement. Given required documents at hand, judges take a minimum of one month to an infinite number of years to deliver the judgement. This paper proposes a system performing the same task in less than a minute. The application aims to summarize judicial support documents constructing an overview of them using NLP methods, suggest referral cases with IR techniques and propose a possible assistive judgement with machine learning techniques. Keywords - Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Information Retrieval (IR), Indian Judicial System, Document Summarization

Author - Saarah Asad, S Aishwarya, Payal A Makhija

Published : Volume-6,Issue-5  ( May, 2019 )


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| Published on 2019-07-27
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