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The Development of Graphical user Interface (GUI) to Reconstruct Surface of a Human Head using Beta-Spline

This study focuses on the development of Graphical User Interface (GUI) using MATLAB to reconstruct surface from multi slice CT Scan Images of human head using Beta-spline technique. Since large data were involved in this computation, parallel processing method was introduced in this study. The implementation of computation was applied using “ARS” Cluster, a low-cost parallel laboratory in UiTM Shah Alam. MATLAB “pmode” platform with MATLAB Distributed Computing Server (MDCS) was integrated in the cluster. The developed GUI displaysthe result of the surface of a human head implementation with its computation time. The time taken for the parallel processing method produces minimal computation time as compared to sequential processing. Keywords - ARS Cluster, Beta-spline, CT Scan, MATLAB, Parallel, Reconstruction.