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Study on Power Generation using Speed Breakers

Power crisis has become one of the major problems. Most of the generated power is from non-renewable sources which in turn affects the environment on a long run and most of its power is wasted or not fully utilised due to the technological boundaries. This project mainly focuses on trapping the hidden energy that the renewable sources like piezoelectric electric materials that produce the voltage when mechanical stress is applied to it. Piezoelectric materials are very easy to find and are economic. They are used in day to day appliances like buzzers, gas stove lighters etc. Piezoelectric materials consists of easily available substances which can be converted to its usable form. These material are namely Quartz, Topaz, and Sucrose etc. This project is about using speed breakers connected to piezoelectric materials to generate the voltage. Firstly the piezoelectric material is laid down in a small pit where the speed breaker must be placed. Then the connections are made to a power storage device and shock absorbents are added to the pit so that it gives a kickback effect to the speed breaker. After the connections are made the speed breakers are added to the pit and is fitted to the shock absorbent. Therefore, when a vehicle moves over the speed breaker, it moves down and pressurizes the material which produces the voltage which can be used to power the streetlights, traffic signals etc. Keywords - Piezoelectric material, speed breakers, power storage devices, shock absorbent