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Mining Profitable Relationships Among Purchasing Behaviors

Mining association rules can find out the associations among items in which when some items are purchased in a transaction, others are purchased too. However, the itemset in an association rule may not be the itemset with high value. Mining high utility itemset considers both of the profits and purchased quantities for the items, which is to find the itemsets that can bring higher profits to the company. However, from the high utility itemsets, we cannot know what products should be recommended to the customer such that the profit can be increased when he/shebought some products. Therefore, our article proposes the definition of the utility association rules and proposes some approaches for mining utility association rules. According to the utility association rules, the company can clearly understand what products should be recommended to the customers when they purchased some items, such that the company can obtain greater benefits. Keywords: Data Mining, High Utility Itemset, Utility Association Rule, Transaction Database.