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Exploring Dom Based Cross-Site Scripting

The world is familiar of web application as it is widely used throughout the world and the work of cyber crime is directly proportional of it so as the ratio of using web application is increasing the cyber crime is also increasing. Most of the users are not familiar of the methods of hacking therefore users do not know they are getting hacked by the various usage of internet. Different vulnerabilities are used by hacker when users are browsing; cross-site scripting, injection, security misconfiguration, sensitive data exposure, cross-site request forgery etc. the vulnerability cross-site scripting has three parts stored, reflected and DOM based cross-site scripting. The topic of discussion in the paper is DOM based cross-site scripting as it is used widely by the hackers. The hackers use it by sending a JavaScript or malicious code at URL when the user is browsing so it allows hacker to read the cookies and bypassed the access control of user. Keywords- Automatic exploit generation, Cross-sites scripting, DOM-based XSS, Vulnerability detection.