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Resource Estimation of Mobile Application Development: A Brief Review

Change is an intrinsic and inevitable aspect of modern day technology. The sudden surge in handheld technology has revolutionized the way, the information is disseminated. The ease and seamless adoption of smartphones technology have left no choice but to switch traditional or desktop based business, management and other working environments to Smartphone technology to deliver their respective services. Demand and growth of mobile application usability have tremendously increased with unprecedented pace and the reliance on these applications has increased proportionally. To develop mobile applications that can deliver reliable, robust services has become a challenging aspect in the development industry. The “quick-time-to-market” characteristic feature of mobile applications has left no choice but to undertake mobile application development with a systematic approach. The most indispensable aspect of mobile application development industry is to accept more and more development proposals and deliver quality services within the allocated budget. Over budget or under budget have negative repercussions on the industry. Effort estimation is pretty important to ensure that mobile applications are built within budget. There have been so many attempts to development effort estimation methods for a mobile application but they didn’t estimate efforts accurately. This research is aimed to study various methods existing in literature used for estimating mobile development so that the base line strategy can be buildup to develop an alternative model to estimate efforts more accurately with great efficiency. Index terms: Estimation, Resource estimation, Sizing, Sizing metrics etc.