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Smart Agriculture using IOT

Agriculture is a major source of income for the largest population in India and is a major contributor to the Indian economy .However ,technological involvement and its usability still have to be grown .IOT plays an important role in agriculture industry which can feed 9.6 billion people on the Earth by 2050.The present system only provides static data related to agriculture. Environmental conditions such as temperature and moisture also affect crop production and cause crop diseases .We need a dynamic model which collects real time data and compares it.This system utilizes real time data .Real time monitoring of the soil helps to maintain the soil health impact ,by using required amount of fertilizers(nitrates ,phosphates).Temperature and soil moisture of the surroundings using DHT11,light requirement using Solar panel ,image processing for detecting changes in the physical structure of the plant ,using high resolution cameras,can be performed .It helps to maintain soil quality and choose the type of crop production .It analyses the nature of the soil .The pH content of the soil can be measured.They are interfaced to an Arduino ,to store the data from the sensors .It will note them down and form a sensor network or panel ,It uses Zig-bee to communicate wirelessly with the raspberry pi microcontroller .It classifies the data and compares them with the static data from various sources and also based on the data that can be accessed through internet. Keywords - Temperature , Light intensity ,soil moisture, mineral content, comparing images.