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Speech to Text conversion for Bengali Language with Labyrinth and Resolution: A Review

In modern times, the nascent age of technologies, Speech to Text conversion is our-ishing its trend day by day as Speech is the elementary medium of communication for human being where technology prefers text. Speech is the most natural way of communication among humans. This mode of communication is constituted of two parts, namely sound and sense. Voice or Speech stimulated techniques are a part of modern Smart-phone culture. Automatic Speech Recognition(ASR) is a very essential application of arti_cial intelligence. This paper provides a brief description of what automatic speech recognition is, its various types and an overview of how the process works. For the listening disable people, this technology can be an alternative way to understand voice communication and follow the instruction for reading. Higher accuracy of recognition needs the research to acquire smooth phonetic distinction. In this paper, we are going to represent a review over works done in recognizing spoken words in Bengali (Bangla) language. A brief analysis of previously used methods in this domain is tied together to aid the walkway of research.