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The Effect of Mobile Application of Cybercrime Knowledge on Social Network

The objective of this study was to develop the security alert application on smart-phones. The author has collected the content about the cybersecurity disaster from various sources that consist of books, magazines, articles and online media. The problem is found in many forms such as Hacker, Virus transmission to destroy data and false email. Both of Edit Plus ++ and Android Studio software tools were used to develop the system based on Java script language and MySQL database. The application system is divided into two parts, the application for general users and the administrator section. The result of this study shows the problem user of outdated information and cannot always get new information. Besides, the access time of content is not complicated. However, the mobile application can helpful users of knowledge cybercrime, technique to solve a problem when it is compromised. This leads to the strength of the organization and the nation. Keywords - Mobile Application, Cybercrime, Social Network, Security Alert.