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New Web 2.0 Services at University Libraries

Our main research field is the comparative analysis of computerized integrated library systems, the optimal information search strategies, investigation and study of the Internet, Web 2.0 services of the library. Using our domestic and foreign research experiences, we aim to outline a model with optimal electronic library services and define its characteristics. Our research has been carried out with the help of the Internet through the study and analysis of integrated library systems of 19 county, 65 higher education and 39 US university libraries, using inductive and quantitative methods. In this lecture and study, we present the following essential elements and areas related to the new "University Startup" Web 2.0 services of university libraries, based on the experiences of our research at both Hungarian and foreign libraries:  The "justification of the librarianship" related to the "University Startup" project  The Web2.0 aspects and features of the "University Startup" Portal  Goals, Tasks, Opportunities  Startup Web Portal Structure, Menu System, Databases, Features  What role can the libraries of higher education libraries play in the field of "University Innovation and Startup" We present the structure, operation, purposeful application of the University Startup Web Portal and the aim, theme, and experience of the "University Startup" subject. Keywords - Web2.0, Universities, Libraries, Innovation, Startup